Raa Cha Suki & BBQ

With the concept of Thai Suki and BBQ, Raa Cha invites customers to a new and different experience where they can choose, prepare, and cook fresh, healthy, and tasty ingredients by themselves using the suki and BBQ tools provided.

A Thai word for ‘King’, Raa Cha provides customers with more than 100 kinds of food ingredients (Vegetables and meat) to choose from according to their budget, 5 choices of sauce which can be mixed according to preferences, and 2 different kinds of soup (tom yum and chicken broth) that can be refilled – indeed, such vast range of choices make customers feel like kings.

Not to be confused with a bufet restaurant, having the freedom to customize the dishes at Raa Cha means customers can pick food ingredients according to their own budget. Customers may choose simple vegetable sets to fit a lower budget, or order more meat and desserts to fit a higher budget. The possibilities are limitless.