Gokana Ramen & Teppan

As one of Champ Resto Indonesia’s most successful brands, GOKANA has become a widely acclaimed Japanese restaurant brand by tweaking timeless signature Japanese delicacies to suit the tongues of Indonesian customers, adding various levels of spiciness into GOKANA’s trademark ramen dishes and extra crunchiness into its best-selling katsu dishes.

The name GOKANA itself is Japanese for ‘luxurious’, hence GOKANA outlets across the regions carry a lustrous and spacious concept where customers can comfortably enjoy extensive options of Halal Japanese dishes prepared hygienically by seasoned chefs. For a more luxurious feel, welcome snacks are prepared for customers the moment they enter any GOKANA restaurant. In the kitchen, GOKANA chefs believe that only the finest ingredients can produce the best tastes. This is why most dishes are served in hot plates and cooked to order to guarantee freshness and food quality. At every GOKANA outlet opening, customers can participate in GOKANA’s exciting signature event, GORAMA (Spicy Ramen Eating Competition), while enjoying fun activities like GONVOY (Gokana Convoys), cosplays, and cashback vouchers during the outlet opening period.

Like other powerful brands in the F&B industry, GOKANA has its own mascot, named GOSUMO. The red colour on GOSUMO represents the spiciness of GOKANA’s dishes, and GOSUMO’s sumo physique represents the strength of the GOKANA brand