The Next Level of Grilling Sensation


GRILLMAN is a Modern Korean & Japanese restaurant that serves its food on Personal Hotplate. With the concept of “Do It Yourself”, GRILLMAN presents a unique and interesting dining experience, from Korean BBQ to Korean Street food with affordable prices.

GRILLMAN mainstay menus are Kimchi Bokkeumbap, Bibimbap, Jjajangmyeon, Rose Tteokbokki, Bulgogi, Double Beef and Egg Pepper Rice, and Marble Beef Steak. GRILLMAN also uses the Digital Order system, making it easier for customers to place orders, simply by scanning the QR available on the table.

Outlet Locations


Summarecon Mall Bekasi
Sentra Summarecon Bekasi, Jl. Boulevard Ahmad Yani, Marga Mulya, Kec. Bekasi Utara, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17142
Downtown Area